Rosemary Conley Review – Review of the Rosemary Conley Recipe for Plaice with Tomato and Basil

Rosemary Conley runs a number of different diet programs that can be followed entirely on-line, or through attending weekly meetings. As part of the support provided to members of the Rosemary Conley diet programs and large number of recipe ideas are provided. The following is my review of one of these recipes, namely the Rosemary Conley recipe for Rolled Plaice with Tomato and Basil.

My rating for this Rosemary Conley recipe: 5 stars out of a possible 5

Would I cook this again? Yes

My summary of this Rosemary Conley recipe:

Cost per serving: 2.60

Calories per serving: 131 (source: Rosemary Conley)

Hassle factor: Low

Time taken to convert the ingredients into a finished dish: around 40 minutes

Method for this Rosemary Conley recipe given by Rosemary Conley is sufficient for 4 servings.